Terms of Conditions (pocket edition with print failures) €9,99

2021-2022, Karina Beumer. Contributions by Annelein Pompe, Lara García Diaz, Adrijana Gvozdenovic, Philip, Lisette Olsthoorn, Hard End Soft, Marian Donner, Iza van Erkel, Eleanor Duffin, Peter Lemmens, Alan Quireyns

Pages: 224
Dimensions: 128mm × 202mm × 14mm
ISBN: 9798210347046

English, and some essays are also translated in Dutch.

Terms of Conditions is a choose-your-own-adventure book in which the reader embodies a freelancer who simultaneously fires herself and resigns. What are the complications of these actions? The reader determines the story by choosing. Some questions along the way: To what extent are you already a product yourself? Who works for whom? Is it work if you don’t get paid for it? And what about people who make money from your specific insecurities, from your fears, desires and dreams?

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